Safe & Sound Commercial Insulation

Autex’s GreenStuf® and QuietStuf® commercial thermal and acoustic insulation products are made from durable, user-friendly 100% polyester. Resistant to fire and moisture, these high-performance insulation products are designed to comply with the most stringent Australasian building standards and come with a 50-year durability warranty.

Autex Acoustic Design Guide

The Autex Acoustic Design Guide provides a full range of solutions for meeting the various acoustic requirements of the Building Code of Australia and is a ready reference for building designers. Product details for each of our commercial products featured in the guide can be found below along with full CAD .dwg files of our specific Autex wall systems. The guide also includes details for the specific performance characteristic of Autex's high performance sound transmission control products.

QuietStuf® High Performance Infill

QuietStuf High Performance Infill (HPI) is a range of high-density partition infill blankets, designed for use in high-performance wall systems where superior sound control is required. Its special blend of fine fibres and optimised density provide the maximum acoustic performance possible for a bulk insulation product, delivering highly effective sound transmission control.

QuietStuf® Autex Sound Blanket

QuietStuf Autex Sound Blanket (ASB) is designed for the acoustic insulation of metal stud wall partitions and as an acoustic ceiling overlay in commercial buildings. Supplied in rolls pre-cut to fit standard metal stud partition walls, it reduces airborne sound transfer by controlling resonating noise in the construction cavity.

QuietStuf® Autex Absorption Blanket

QuietStuf Autex Absorption Blanket (AAB) is designed for maximum control of reverberated noise in building interiors. It is ideal for use as an absorber behind acoustic panels and ceiling systems. QuietStuf AAB is ideally suited for managing noise in theatres, studios, auditoriums, offices, retail areas and indoor swimming pool complexes. It comes as white, black or grey 2400mm x 1200mm panels in a range of densities and ratings.

QuietStuf® Autex Isolation Blanket

QuietStuf® Autex Isolation Blanket (AIB) is an ultra high-density non-woven polyester blanket designed to provide isolation, density and decoupling properties to wall systems. AIB is supplied in roll form and is screwed or glued to wall framing prior to plasterboard installation.

QuietStuf® Autex Ceiling Overlay

QuietStuf® Autex Ceiling Overlay (ACO) is a range of blankets designed to improve acoustics within rooms and reduce sound transmission between rooms. Supplied in roll form, ACO is simply rolled out over ceiling grids and systems.

QuietStuf® BaffleBlock® sound control

QuietStuf BaffleBlock® is a simple, effective sound control system for new and existing commercial buildings. It is designed to be stacked above partition walls to significantly reduce sound transmission through the ceiling cavity. QuietStuf BaffleBlock is easy to install and will mould itself around ducting and services, eliminating gaps and holes as potential sound paths. It comes as insulation rolls pre-cut to standard widths.

GreenStuf® Building Insulation Blanket

GreenStuf Building Insulation Blanket (BIB) is designed for the thermal and acoustic insulation of commercial and industrial roofs. It will not break down around roof fixings, helping to reduce wind chatter and screw-shear and will significantly reduce rain-drum on long-run metal roofs. GreenStuf Building Insulation Blanket is fully self-supporting and is supplied in blanket form without the need for a supporting foil face.

GreenStuf® Masonry Wall Blanket

GreenStuf Masonry Wall Blanket is designed for the thermal insulation of strapped and lined concrete and masonry walls. It also assists in reducing sound transfer through walls by absorbing resonating noise in the construction cavity. It will not wick moisture through concrete or masonry walls, reducing the potential for mould and moisture damage. GreenStuf Masonry Wall Blanket comes in roll form, pre-cut to fit standard timber strapping widths.


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